Low phase noise VCO from UMS

December 9, 2016. United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) announced the release of new voltage controlled oscillators - CHV1203-98F and CHV1206-98F


Temperature compensated crystal oscillator from Vectron International with low g-sensitivity

November 24, 2016. United Monolithic Semiconductors has released a new high-frequency medium power amplifier - CHA3397-QDG


New power amplifier from UMS for professional communications systems

November 18, 2016. United Monolithic Semiconductors has released a new high-frequency medium power amplifier - CHA3397-QDG


New isolator from DiTom Microwave

October 19, 2016. DiTom Microwave has released a new Ka-band isolator


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Direct Digital Synthesizer 1508PL8T (developed by ELVIS Corporation)
Main features:
  • two independent DDS cores (channels);
  • quadrature (I & Q) outputs;
  • modulation rate up to 100 MSPS per DDS core;
  • two integrated 10-bit 800 MSPS DACs;
  • 16-bit parallel, serial (SPI) and link-port interfaces;
  • 64 profiles per channel with all modulation parameters;
  • 48-bit frequency and phase accumulators;
  • integrated 48-bit timer;
  • 16-bit phase offset register;
  • 12-bit amplitude modulation;
  • Gauss filter for modulation;
  • power supply 3.3 V ±5 % or 1.8 V ±5 % (optionally); 100-pin LQFP package.
Product brief 545 kB (in Russian)
Datasheet 373 kB (in Russian)
Dimensioned drawing 66 kB
Evaluation board for 1508PL8T chip (developed by "Radiocomp" LLC)
Main features:
  • USB interface to PC;
  • output signals with amplitude, frequency, phase, quadrature modulation (AM, FM, PM, QAM, LFM);
  • easy access to 1508PL8T chip for user;
  • free software with access to all registers of 1508PL8T;
  • high stability clock source as option.
Product brief 545 kB (in Russian)
Electrical schematic 72 kB
Drivers 148 kB
Software 1,5 MB
Firmware 2 kB
Manual 681 kB (in Russian)
Order form 34 kB (in Russian)
Examples of saved configurations
Accuracy of frequency setting: File
BPSK modulation: File | Spectrum
300 MHz wide linear frequency modulation: File | Spectrum
Two 50 MHz wide LFM signals: File | Spectrum

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