Temperature compensated crystal oscillator from Vectron International with low g-sensitivity

November 24, 2016. United Monolithic Semiconductors has released a new high-frequency medium power amplifier - CHA3397-QDG


New power amplifier from UMS for professional communications systems

November 18, 2016. United Monolithic Semiconductors has released a new high-frequency medium power amplifier - CHA3397-QDG


New isolator from DiTom Microwave

October 19, 2016. DiTom Microwave has released a new Ka-band isolator


Oven controlled crystal oscillator from Vectron with ultra low phase noise

October 14, 2016. Vectron has extended its offer in the field of oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO), releasing a new model - OX-209


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Equipment for video compression, archiving and transmission via GSM

Equipment is intended to analog video signal digitization, storage, compression and transmission to remote user via cellular network (GSM standard).

Main features
  • equipment is able to operate in standby mode and transmission mode;
  • analog video signal (PAL standard) is digitized, compressed and recorded as VGA-resolution frame sequence into built-in FLASH memory (frame rate 1 fps or less);
  • compressed video is transmitted via GSM to receiver, both transmission rate and resolution are determined by GSM network capacity;
  • external peripheral units might be connected to output;
  • external digital or analog sensors (e.g. motion-sensing devices) might be connected to input to provide switching from/to standby mode;
  • remote control is provided both for digitization/compression/transmission modes and for external units;
  • both on-line video and video storaged in archives can be transmitted;
  • received video is visualized on PC monitor and saved on HD.
Technical specifications

Compression JPEG2000 Wavelet
Number of cameras 4 PAL, CVBS

704 x 576
352 x 288
176 x 144
128 x 96


Memory, Gb 1 or 2
Number of sensor inputs 6 Threshold 0 V to 20 V
Number of outputs 6 12 V, 0.1 A
Power supply, V 6…14
Power consumption, W 0.06
Standby mode
Transmission mode
Size, mm 80 x 100 x 40
Weight, g 300
Operating temperature range, °С - 10…+45
Receiver part PC GSM-modem + software
Presentation "Equipment for video compression, archiving and transmission via GSM" 2.3 MB (in Russian)
Article "V.V.Gorbachev, M.O.Sedov, Experience with ADV202 JPEG2000-Codec from Analog Devices // CCTV Focus, 2005, № 3 (15), pp.46-49." 184 kB (in Russian)


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