Paintings of E. Borina

August 9, 2017. Elena Borina has just presented to colleagues and visitors her paintings


The Alexander Chenakin seminar

August 3, 2017. The seminar Microwave Frequency Synthesizers: Current Status and Perspectives (speaker A.Chenakin) took place in the Radiocomp office on August 2nd


New waveguide transfer switch from Waka

June 26, 2017. Japanese company Waka has released a new V-band waveguide transfer switch - 00Х0552-00


New package converter from Ironwood Electronics

May 2, 2017. Ironwood Electronics has released new package converter PC-QFN16A/BGA16C-01


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Radiation-Resistant Chip Synthesizer 1288PL1U (developed by ELVIS Corporation)
 1288PL1U is a high-performance fractional-N PLL IC capable of frequency synthesis up to 6 GHz. It is designed for radar and communication devices that operate in VHF, UHF, L-, P-, S- and C-band.

Rad-hard property of the IC with the total dose up to 100 kRad (Si) makes it optimal for commercial and military space applications.

1288PL1U features 4/5, 8/9 and 16/17 prescalers, delta-sigma modulator, a phase comparator and a charge pump. Reference frequency differential input is LVDS-compatible. Counter values are programmable through either a serial interface (SPI) or directly hard-wired (DIRECT). Serial mode allows chirp signal generation and fast switching between 32 pre-programmed profiles.

Overall performance of 1288PL1U makes it a viable alternative for products such as PE96xx, PE97xx, PE83xx (Peregrine) and ADF4108S (Analog Devices).
Product brief 212 kB (in Russian)
Manual 516 kB (in Russian)
Dimensioned drawing 66 kB
Evaluation board for 1288PL1U chip (developed by "Radiocomp" LLC)
Main features:
  • USB connection to PC;
  • modular design compatible with any VCO and loop filter type;
  • chirp signal generation;
  • external frequency programming via parallel interface;
  • optional reference clock source.
Data shee and manual 1.7 Mb (in Russian)
Electrical schematic 181 kB (in Rusian)
Software 12.5 MB
Order form 60 kB (in Russian)

FMCW PLL Synthesizers
    Intended to form the FMCW signal in UHF range. Are manufactured with specific characteristics ajusted according to the agreement with the customer.
The main parameters and possibilities of a FMCW PLL synthesizers:
  • Initial frequency: up to 15 GHz (without frequency translate)
  • Signal bandwidth: up to several gigahertz
  • Frequency synthesis mode
  • Internal reference oscillator: TCXO or OCXO
  • External reference oscillators with an output frequency up to 200 MHz (optionally)
  • Operating temperature: -40…+50 °C
  • Setting the output parameters of the synthesizer can be done in the following ways:
    • Fixed. In this case, the parameters are stored in the built-in controller and no control is required
    • External control by the SPI or USB bus
  • Internal or external synchronization (start, end radio pulse, control switching output, etc.)
  • Lock phase indicator
Basic model main features:
  • Initial frequency, GHz 7.15
  • Frequency deviation, MHz: 450
  • Frequency sweep time, ms: 1
  • Pause duration before next FMCW cycle, μs: 60
  • Phase noise at fixed frequencies on 10kHz offset from carrier, dBc/Hz: -90
  • Output UHF level, dBm: 7
  • Output power nonlinearity, max, dB: 2
  • Relative longtime output frequency stability: 2·10-6
  • Power supply, V: +6…6,5
  • Supply current, max, А: 0.4
  • Operating temperature, °C: -40…+50
  • Sizes, mm: 59×54×28
  • Connectors:
    • UHF: SMA
    • Interface: DB-9F
  • Fixed frequencies generation mode: up to seven frequencies within the sweep bandwidth
Special navigating calculators NS-2 & NS-2A
    Special navigating calculators NS-2 & NS-2A are intended to serve general and special navigating missions.
NS-2   NS-2A
Technical specifications
Navigation service GPS
Nb. of data receiving channels 20
Tracking sensitivity, dBm -159
'Hot start' time, s 1
'Warm start' time, s 32
'Cold start' time, s 35
Data update cycle, s 1
PC port RS-232
Outer power supply, V 12
Inner power supply, V 9
Display lighting yes
Power consumption (display lighting off), mA 30
Power consumption (display lighting on), mA 70...100
Number of tracking points memorized 10
Number of route points memorized 10
Minimum tracker's capacity, hour * 15000
Air flow measuring, km/h * 30 ... 140
Operating temperatures range, C -20 ... +50
Weight, g 270

* - presents only in NS-2A.


Low noise constant frequency sinthesizer MSFCH-RC
    The module generates the constant frequency (in the range of 1…4 GHz) that is multiple to reference frequency at the output of high-stable quartz resonator.
Technical specifications
Output constant frequency range: 1…4 GHz (customized according to customer needs)
Reference frequency: internal or external
Maximum phase noise level of output signal can be calculated by means of formula:

Lout = Lref + 20·log(Fout ⁄ Fref) + 5 (offset 10 kHz to output frequency)
Lout = Lref + 20·log(Fout ⁄ Fref) + 10 (offset 100 kHz to output frequency)

    Lout – output signal phase noise, dBc/Hz
    Lref – reference phase noise, dBc/Hz
    Fout – output frequency
    Fref – reference frequency
Output level: ≥ +13 dBm
Power supply: 12 V
Consumption current: 200 mA (without reference oscillator)
Sizes: 112 × 57 × 25 mm
Example: signal of 2300 MHz is synthesized
Reference signal (100 MHz) phase noise:
   offset 10 kHz: -165 dBc/Hz
   offset 100 kHz: -170 dBc/Hz
   offset 1 MHz: -170 dBc/Hz

Output signal (2300 MHz) phase noise:
   offset 10 kHz: -133 dBc/Hz
   offset 100 kHz: -134 dBc/Hz
   offset 1 MHz: -148 dBc/Hz

MSFCH-RC phase noise performance at 2.3 GHz
Power Sensor M2-RC
    Intended to measure continuing and pulse RF-signals power. Set into a сhannel of a signal propagation.
Technical specifications
Frequency range up to 4.2 GHz (adjusted according to customer needs)
Measured power range -30 dBm…+15 dBm
Precision of measurements ±1 dB
Measurement rate 200 000 measurements/sec
ADC bitness 12 bits
Operating temperature range +5 … +40 C°
Pulse signal envelop measurements (for >50μs)  
Introdused losses ~ 0.4 dB
O/I resistance 50 Ohm
RF-sockets SMA
Analog and USB outputs  
Analog output logarithmic, unipolar
Interface USB 1.1
Power supply by USB bus, max. consumption current 100 mA
Size 88 x 75 x 26 mm

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