New isolator from DiTom Microwave

October 19, 2016. DiTom Microwave has released a new Ka-band isolator


Oven controlled crystal oscillator from Vectron with ultra low phase noise

October 14, 2016. Vectron has extended its offer in the field of oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO), releasing a new model - OX-209


"New Electronics 2016" Exhibition

April 12, 2016. "New Electronics 2016" Exhibition will start its work tomorrow


New micro-wave socket from Ironwood Electronics

April 8, 2016. Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced a new high performance socket - SMP-BGA-8007


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Research and Production Center "Electronic Computers and Information Systems" ELVIS is one of the leading Fabless ASIC electronic design centers in Russia, as well as the domestic leader in the field of security technology, winner of many national awards. The company was founded in March 1990 on the basis of ELAS corporation which in 1960-80 carrid out advanced developments in the field of space electronics: from developing CAD software to fully complete on-board systems for spacecrafts (for instance, for Space Station "Mir"). In 1974, the first Russian CMOS microprocessor kit VLSI was created just by ELAS.

ELAS' strategy is carried out today by ELVIS which is domestic leader in creation of chips for telecommunications and space applications.

Evaluation boards for chips 1508PL8T and 1508PL9T produced by ELVIS have been developed by Radiocomp LLC.



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