Paintings of E. Borina

August 9, 2017. Elena Borina has just presented to colleagues and visitors her paintings


The Alexander Chenakin seminar

August 3, 2017. The seminar Microwave Frequency Synthesizers: Current Status and Perspectives (speaker A.Chenakin) took place in the Radiocomp office on August 2nd


New waveguide transfer switch from Waka

June 26, 2017. Japanese company Waka has released a new V-band waveguide transfer switch - 00Х0552-00


New package converter from Ironwood Electronics

May 2, 2017. Ironwood Electronics has released new package converter PC-QFN16A/BGA16C-01


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BSC Filters are world-leaders in the design and manufacture of Microwave filters, diplexers and waveguide and coaxial passive components, from prototypes for research, up to high volumes in the supply chain for the broadband access marketplace. BSC's products are supplied into two core market areas: (a) Aerospace & Defence and (b) Commercial & Industrial.

Image of a waveguide Working up to 94GHz, BSC are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of filters and diplexers, specialising in Waveguide, Interdigital, Combline, Cavity, Lumped Element and Microstrip devices. Other components include : Couplers Equalisers, Switched Filter Banks, Transitions and Waveguide Assemblies.

The quest for ever higher levels of performance and cost competitiveness drives BSC Filters design and development initiatives.

BSC Filters are pioneers in the use of 'Exact Filter' and its patented 'Elliptic' technology. The company is constantly expanding its suite of proprietary software to push forward its use of 'right first time' prototyping.

BSC's custom filter design expertise and production facilities are used to produce devices ideally suited to the particular needs of any application.

BSC Filters:


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