Paintings of E. Borina

August 9, 2017. Elena Borina has just presented to colleagues and visitors her paintings


The Alexander Chenakin seminar

August 3, 2017. The seminar Microwave Frequency Synthesizers: Current Status and Perspectives (speaker A.Chenakin) took place in the Radiocomp office on August 2nd


New waveguide transfer switch from Waka

June 26, 2017. Japanese company Waka has released a new V-band waveguide transfer switch - 00Х0552-00


New package converter from Ironwood Electronics

May 2, 2017. Ironwood Electronics has released new package converter PC-QFN16A/BGA16C-01


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New Reviews in 'Electronica: NTB' Magazine July 02, 2014

Three reviews written by Radiocomp experts were published in the 'Electronica: NTB' magazine. All the articles are available for download and reading at Printed Matter page:

  Yu.Bogdanov, V.Kochemasov, E.Khasyanova, Nonorganic substrates - characteristics & choise criteria // Electronica: NTB, 2014, №1, pp.204-216. The First Page Preview     V.Kochemasov, D.Skok, A.Cherkashin, Direct Computing Synthesizers - state of art // Electronica: NTB, 2014, №2, pp.150-160. The First Page Preview  
  Gowanda V.Gorbachev, V.Kochemasov, S.Khorev The Gowanda Electronics Company - to be up to date // Electronica: NTB, 2014, №3, pp.94-97. The First Page Preview            

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