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February 8, 2017 New reviews from our experts published in the leading Russian magazines on RF-electronics are placed on the "Printed materials" page


Open top microwave socket from Ironwood Electronics

January 16, 2017. Ironwood Electronics has launched new microwave socket SBT-BGA-7035, addressing high performance requirements for testing BGA devices


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 23, 2016. Radiocomp, LLC wishes Merry Christmas and a Happy up-coming New Year to all our partners, customers, colleagues and friends!


Low phase noise VCO from UMS

December 9, 2016. United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) announced the release of new voltage controlled oscillators - CHV1203-98F and CHV1206-98F


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Broadband and Ultra-Broadband capacitors from Passive Plus July 15, 2013

The US company Passive Plus has developed a series of Broadband and Ultra-Broadband capacitors: the 0402BB103, 0402BB104, and the 0201BB104. These capacitors are intended primarily for decoupling RF signals and DC. The applications for which they are intended require small, surface-mountable devices that provide low RF impedances and low insertion losses, across extremely large RF bandwidths and temperatures typically ranging from -55 to +85 ºC.

Existing single-layer and multilayer capacitors cannot provide a very wide band of operating frequencies and low resistance and small insertion losses in all frequency subbands. In new capacitors Passive Plus overcome existing limitations that allows a very wide frequency band.


The specific characteristics of the models 0402BB103, 0402BB104 and 0201BB104 are, respectively:

  • Capacitance: 10, 100 and 100 nF
  • Operating frequency range: 16 kHz … 16 GHz, 16 kHz … 35 GHz и 16 kHz … 50 GHz
  • Insertion losses: 0.4 and 0.8 dB (6 and 16 GHz); 0.5 and 1.1 dB (9 and 30 GHz); 0.3 and 0.25 dB (20 and 40 GHz)
  • Return losses: -25 dB (14 GHz); -20 dB (22 GHz); -27 dB (40 GHz)
  • Sizes: 1.016х0.508х0.610 mm; 1.016х0.508х0.610 mm; 0.6х0.3х0.3 mm
  • Operating temperature range: -55…+125 ºC
  • Temperature coefficient of capacitance (TCC): ±15% (-55…+125 ºC)
  • Rated voltage: 16 V
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage (DWV): 250% of rated voltage for 5 sec
  • Insulation resistance (min): 1011 Ohm

New capacitors from Passive PLUS are designed for optoelectronic high-speed data systems, transmit/receive optical subassemblies, SONET (Synchronous Optical Networks), broadband test equipment, broadband microwave and millimeter wave amplifiers and oscillators.

Radiocomp LLC - the Exclusive Representative of Passive Plus in Russia - provides with more information onthe item

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