Paintings of E. Borina

August 9, 2017. Elena Borina has just presented to colleagues and visitors her paintings


The Alexander Chenakin seminar

August 3, 2017. The seminar Microwave Frequency Synthesizers: Current Status and Perspectives (speaker A.Chenakin) took place in the Radiocomp office on August 2nd


New waveguide transfer switch from Waka

June 26, 2017. Japanese company Waka has released a new V-band waveguide transfer switch - 00Х0552-00


New package converter from Ironwood Electronics

May 2, 2017. Ironwood Electronics has released new package converter PC-QFN16A/BGA16C-01


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Adjustable amplitude equalizer from Eclipse Microwave July 24, 2012

The Eclipse Microwave company reported its new product: the compact adjustable amplitude equalizer the EQA0718-02 model. The equalizer has the parabolic amplitude characteristics and the maximum attenuation 18 dB at frequency of 12 GHz. At frequencies of 7 and 18,5 GHz low insertion losses are provided. This model is specially developed for rugged operation environments which are typical for military applications.



  • frequency range: 7.0…18.5 GHz
  • minimum attenuation: 0.5 dB (7 GHz); 1.1 dB (18.5 GHz)
  • attenuation adjustment, minimum: ±2 dB
  • curve accuracy: ±0.5 dB
  • frequency adjustment, minimum: ±1 GHz
  • VSWR, maximum: 1.75:1
  • operating temperature: -55…+95 ºC
  • sizes: 52,71×38,18×12,70 mm

At standard use the equalizer is applied along with an high gain TWT amplifier to reduce its variations from 18 down to 1 dB in the range 7.0…18.5 GHz.

According to requirements of customers some characteristics of the equalizer can be changed.

The American company Eclipse Microwave manufactures the wide spectrum of mixers, detectors, power limiters, frequency doublers, couplers, power dividers and other microwave components for civil, military and space use.

Radiocomp LLC - the Official Representative of Eclipse Microwave in Russia - provides with more information on the item.

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